It’s 8:05pm on a Tuesday and I’m eating dinner, alone, watching Parks and Recreation. Dinner is two small corn-on-a-cobs and a piece of gum I was chewing earlier but got sick of chewing. Also, I have lemon lime and bitters cordial which is nothing like the real deal.

While I eat my glamorous meal I’m also fending off a weird giant bug thing that keeps settling and stirring over and over again.

An hour ago I was crying and texting my baby sister because I’m convinced my mother hates me after my ex-boyfriend dobbed on me for smoking weed. I was watching Sex and the City while this happened.

This is what living on your own in your 20s looks like. Believe it or not, this is actually better than most other nights.

Author: elysiaking

i'm a work in progress, aspiring internet personality, watch this space.

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